Social learning…a new way of educating?

A small article in a tabloid like Belgian newspaper (Het Laatste Nieuws) caught my attention: “Students copy homework through Facebook”. The title says it all….but then reactions came and it was cool to read how teachers and people reacted:

  • no more homework
  • keep them in school to do their homework
  • soft generation of youngsters who do not know how to work for school anymore
  • only personal tasks and homework
  • ….

Why don’t they incorporate social learning?  Studying and making homework through social media….students are helping each other, and if we give them added value tasks, home work and lessons they can help each other. In this flat world, we should give the students the attitude to be social and help one another to reach the goal (the study outcome).  eventually in the end, most of them will still have an examination (in one way or the other) where they have to prove to have reached the learning goal.

I know, as a teacher myself, that we all think we have the wisdom and knowledge to transfer the one and only wisdom….but truly this is not the case! The teacher has A wisdom, as one of many, and through this wisdom he can stimulate students to search for their wisdom and knowledge.  Everything is evolving so rapidly, it’s better to look for the knowledge with the whole classroom, instead of the teacher who is passing his knowledge.

Social learing…..and with the incorporation of social media (like prezi –  read my earlier blog post), there is an easy platform to share knowledge and reach a mutual learing outcome. But this means, we, as the teacher, stop with only passing knowledge, and start with teaching knowledge framework management where, through social learning, a learning outcome can be reached in which students have created a life long learing attitude, where their knowledge is constantly updated and adapted to the needs of modern society!

[In the Flat Education Section I tried this way….and it’s not easy, because students still want to you to take up your role as an educator. i like to be the educator who passes through idea’s, theories, cases,…. and lets students make their own mind! Eventually they DO!]

[Through the flat world section I will add/launch 2 new pages: Flat Education and Flat Working which will give insights and idea’s on new way’s of educating (like social education) and working in this flat world. – out soon! -]

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