10 BIO dollar Tweet for privacy!

Twitter is being hunted down….since the value of this short message service has been estimated at 10 billion dollar both Google and Facebook are looking to buy Twitter (according to the Wall Street Journal).

The first negotiations were not positive, and it’s strange that both Google and Facebook are interested in company who still has an operational loss annualy! But the outlook for 2011 looks bright with a turnover between 100 and 110 mio dollar, will it be enough to make a profit….we’ll have to wait and see….

So why are Facebook and Google realy interested in Twitter: the data! As millions of users make billions of tweets their is a large sum of data to be collected. Data which is of interest for any (commercial) company! The Twitter community is highly valued amongst users.
If it comes to a take-over or merger between Twitter and Google/Facebook …a new datamogul rises and will have tons of data with valuable customer information which can and will be matched with the already exting data! Again less privacy, and more data in one hand….this company will rule our flat world on and off line when it comes to data mining!

Again it is time for a new flat statement:

In the flat world privacy is not an option.

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5 comments on “10 BIO dollar Tweet for privacy!
  1. Rosa Solà Roca says:

    As it is said “Information is power” and this is just what Facebook and Google are looking for.
    In the last year Twitter has grown exponentially, and nowadays it has a real social impact. It’s obvious that Facebook and Google want to buy Twitter to obtain all these data. If they can access all these information, it is possible to have a great business selling this information to companies, to do market studies,…
    Maybe Twitter owners will regret to have turned down the offer from Facebook or Google, particularly in this context of worldwide crisis; but for now I think that Twitter remains as one of the most used social networks on the Internet, and maybe the decision to remain independent is one of the best it has ever made.

  2. Daan Stevens says:

    I get that facebook and Google want to buy twitter, but I would be bummed if they did. Twitter is perfect on his own atm. and I think goolge or facebook would change too much and that is not what I want, so I hope twitter stays on his own.

  3. Some people likes Twitter the most, other Facebook. Keep it like that! Twitter is a little bit of ‘the enemy’ of Facebook, the 2 most used social networks. If they become one, I guess that many people would go on another social media site, because most off the people who are on Twitter, don’t like facebook. The concept of ‘Twitter’, the short messages, the tweets, it would be all disappear if Facebook takes Twitter over.

  4. Stéphanie says:

    In the flat world privacy is not an option. True.

    I remember when Google admitted that deleted messages will remain on their system, and may be accessible internally at Google (for an indefinite period of time). It scared me because if Google decides to build a database of keywords associated with my email address… they’ll probably know more about me than I do myself.

    Then again, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, and even Facebook do exactly the same thing and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Bye bye privacy!

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