The future of shopping = mobile

I’ve found this short movie on how the future looks like….regarding to shopping.
But if you look closely, you will notice that we see a new trend (although new….I’ve been posting about it already) mobile = future.

I ave also added a new section to the Flat Education – Mobile (as part of the post reflexion). If you’re looking for ideas how mobile can influence your lifestyle and business be shure to check this page out!
I’m also working on a section new section in the Flat Education – Social CRM (as part of ‘Socialnomics’). In this section I will try to give good insights on how traditional CRM is replaced bij E-CRM or Social CRM (CRM in the flat world) – to be launched soon –

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One comment on “The future of shopping = mobile
  1. Patricia Padrón says:

    Shopping by internet only has advantages. First of all, the hide availability and comfort because you can buy at any time of day, without dependence opening timetable business and from home or work, avoiding the need to travel.
    Furthermore, the speed of access to services or products, we can get what we need instantly.
    Moreover, it is a more competitive market because internet allows to locate different stores around the world that offer the same product or service, and compare prices and services added before the purchase.
    In some cases you can create services / products for you depending on your personal needs and tastes.
    Finally, we also have many details about the product or service because we have information about the features, reviews and demonstrations.
    Now, If we can buy over the phone, I think in 5-10 years people won’t go to stores and will make virtually every transaction.

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