Youngsters are aware of social media

A research done by University of Antwerp says youngsters a very aware of social media and are far more critical then we thought.

Teens are intensive users of social network sites as Facebook, Netlog, …but they don’t accept everybody to be their friend, and are aware of the information they are sharing.  Off course in the early days it was a popularity contest….who has the most facebook friends was the more popular guy – even the geek was popular in those days (but with doubtful friends????)! Since the early days we’ve come along way….and teens as well are more aware of the fact that everybody can’t be your friend. They even are afraid of what’s happening with their privacy and security, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing a lot of information. 

Some quick numbers:

  • 90% of the teens has 1 or more profile pages on the net
  • more than 50% logs on every day to check his profile
  • 17% post every day
  • 90% use their profile to keep in touch with old friends, new friends, daily friends, ….
  • 46% is in search of new contacts

Most youngsters are still sharing a lot of private information over their profile, but have tightened their privacy set since the opened their profile. Only 27% of the teens think the social network is safe, and 23% says their privacy is accurately secure.

I think these results show a normal evolution in behaviour, which will set the future for the social media. We are aware, and will use it, but with more care. If you go into socialnomics part…this means those (closed) networks are becoming more and more important,, since the value of your friend is rising is this social network.

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One comment on “Youngsters are aware of social media
  1. Rodrigo Gelle says:

    I don’t think we shoud be worrying this much about teenagers. My greatest concern lies with young children. Children as young as 7 years old are already on Facebook, Netlog or Twitter (even my younger sister, who is 11 years old). Maybe parents/schools should teach them more about online awareness.

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