MySpace for sale

a day after Newscorp launched The Daily, it wants to sell MySpace, one of the pioneers of social networks.

It isn’t a big surprise since the let off 500 staff members last month….but MySpace once was a big player in social networking with more than  60 million hits a month in 2007. But most people exchanged their MySpace profile for a Facebook profile.  And as a result it only has 4 mio hits a month in 2011, but still has a strong market share with musicians and new musical and creative talent. Off course this isn’t the most interesting group of people for Rupert Murdoch, owner of Newscorp, who bought MySpace in 2005 (for 500 mio Dollar).

It looks like normal economical law of Supply and Demand (Adam Smith) also counts in the flat world.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr,… are hot and trendy, and people move to those sites, and with potential customers shifting, advertisers will shift as well…and MySpace isn’t that lucrative anymore apparently…
Is this  the first step into building a social network monopoly of Facebook…..

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3 comments on “MySpace for sale
  1. Giuseppe says:

    There is a big competition between the social networks and each of the them tries to build a monopoly. Facebook brought StudiVZ to trial in california, because StudieVZ copied Facebook Features and the “Look and Feel” design. In my opinion Facebook actually is the most used social network but as we can read it is a very fast moving business.

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