The Daily – a New newspapermodel?

You must have noticed it…somewhere or somehow….
Newscorp launched its digital only newspaper – The Daily – in cooperation with Apple, made to fit the iPad exclusively! So what’s new…it’s more then a newspaper, it’s a multimedia newsservice where their is integration on text, images, movies, … it looks like a good newsite brought to your iPad. It looks bright, news is divided into different sections, it’s interactive (even in the games section)…and the added value to your written text off course (bright HD pictures, video, comment sections, ….). Small downside…it’s cloud based so everything has got to be downloaded, and isn’t stored permanently (and when you’re using a 3G network it might get slow….watching a video). But that’s just a minor side note.

BUT is all worth the fuzz….we might not have a government in Belgium, but we shure have a some good newssite “de redactie” where images, text and multimedia are brougth together….for free!   So what’s the big fuzz about. Is this realy the next big thing for a newspaper….is this the way to survive for the classical newspaper business?

The certainly are in need of a new business model….that’s for sure. If I look at the iPad apps from my newspapers (De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, De Tijd – I know all in Dutch), they don’t look that flashy, and are just a copy of the paper version with some added up to date news….

You can share your ideas on this new “revolution” through the comment section!

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5 comments on “The Daily – a New newspapermodel?
  1. Claudi says:

    It is exciting to read the newspaper in a different way. To watch videos to the articles or to get additional information about products (price, manufacture…). For those people, who are busy, certainly it is very useful to get a newspaper online. Personally, I do not see the added value. I enjoy it, to read a real newspaper composed of paper and to take the time to read it carefully.

  2. Martina says:

    In the digital age there are apart from the traditional way of consuming news various different possibilities. The Daily has made an absolutely forward-looking statement by integrating iPad maker Apple. It is an innovative idea of the Daily to cooperate with a strong brand like Apple to further boost the latest technology and gain advantage and value. Through this approach of publishing news, printing and publishing costs will decrease and it is environmental friendly as well. Especially for travelling people it is very convenient and it allows being up-to-date everywhere and anytime. I definitely believe this newspaper model will become more and more popular in future.

  3. Giuseppe says:

    It is a very interesting and bright approach to allocate the news. Apple as a strong brand is a very good partner with many customers. And with the 3G iphone customers surely will use it to read news like from daily.

  4. Désirée says:

    In times of the digital age it is essentail to offer news online. Nothing is older than the newspaper of the same day.

    By the way of example sth. important happend in the afternoon if you are just able to publish the news tomorrow in the newspaper you lost because every other newspaper published the incidents at the same day – online.

    Furthermore many people do not have the time to read the newspaper at home, so it is obviously that they read them online if possible on their iPhones and do not forget it is economically friendly to announce information online.

  5. This new way of reading the newspaper has got me into more reading the news. I love reading the news this way. There is nothing better than you get up and read the news on your iPad, it’s also fun to do! You also have fresh fresh news and with fresh I mean an article that just got 3 min online. This way you have more news and you also have the news really fast.

    But what bothers me a little bit that you have to pay for some of these. What to do about that? I have found something really cool. Personally I thing it’s way cooler than The Daily news. I recently installed an app. on my iPad called Flipboard. It has the collection of many many magazines. From The New Yorker to Oprah to Rolling Stone to Tech Crunch and to many more. I can’t explain it you really have to try it yourself, but I’ll guarantee you that you will love it and keep using it to read some articles.

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