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Again Google keeps inventing new stuff to amuse us….or as a business economist would say it: they create needs….we didn’t know we had.
Although with this new feature: the virtual museum, Google gives you the chance to visit over 486 Art gallery’s and musea with a fingerclick!

Do we need this? Well it might come in handy, when you want to check out if it’s worthwhile to pay the gallery a visit. Or in classroom….where it’s impossibble to visit all of these fine museums. You can visit Tate in London, MoMA in New York, Van Gogh Amsterdam, … and you don’t need to move.

What do you think?
(You can share your ideas on this virtual stuff through the comment section!)

You can visit teh Google Art Galery at

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16 comments on “Virtual museum
  1. Maria says:

    Out of curiosity, I have clicked myself through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and was amazed to see how detailed the pictures are. You can check out the whole museum in a 3D view and virtually walk through each room in each floor. Since I have been at the Uffizi a couple of times within the last ten years, I can confirm that the website really reflects the vast rooms and the paintings in enormous details. If you are in the 3D view and you click on one of the paintings, you get an enlarged view. In addition, there is a floor plan, address and brief history of the museum. Actually, only a view on the building from outside is missing.
    I think the question if we need Google’s art project is obsolete if we consider how many more or less stupid moves people make on the internet, e.g. being online 24 hours on Facebook just to see every move our virtual friends make. Why not occupy oneself with something that makes more sense and educates in a very up to date way? I don’t think that it’s a complete substitute for the real museum, but it’s great for those who can’t travel for any reasons or want to check out briefly if the museum is worth a visit. For some it may be just interest in arts, for some (like myself) it’s a kind of re-visiting places that I have already seen in real (like the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid or the MoMA in New York) and where I can’t be every day. I also agree that it’s a great opportunity for arts lessons in class to experience the greatest painters in a way that is more appealing to youngsters than any art book somewhere in a dusty shelf.

  2. Reinhard says:

    Europe in general, an Austria in particular, has a long and interesting history and therefore many great museums to visit. Not only the different paintings, sculptures and installations, even the buildings itself are worth a visit. When entering such a great place you can feel the history and can dive into ancient times.

    Nowadays everybody is on the run and there is no time to stay in a museum for hours. But even if you take the time to travel to another city it is not always easy to get what you want. When I visited Paris some years ago I wanted to see the Mona Lisa but it was absolutely impossible to reach the entrance because so many interested people were queuing in front of the Louvre. The next day I decided to get up very early to visit at least the Eiffel Tour.
    In London, at Madame Tussauds, I had to wait for more than three hours (on a normal working day) to get to the front door of the museum.
    There are many other great places where you can experience this or something near it. For such reasons a virtual museum is a great idea to make a short trip into another time or world and relax from daily routine. And even if there is not the whole museum shown on the website you can have a little break, look on those beautiful art works and can also dream of a real visit some when in the future.

  3. Desiree says:

    I think that it is a very good opportunity for people who are not able to visit different places in the world. With just a few clicks they are able to visit Madame Tussaud or other interesting museums all over the world.

    Not just people who do not have the possibility to travel around the world also people who have no time due to the fact that everybody is on the run.

    Last year e.g. I had been in Sweden for a couple of days and I wanted to visit some museums. Some of them were closed and so I do not had the possibility to visit them at face.

    I was really disapointed cause you travel the a differnt place in the world and they do not have open cause they have seasional opening hours.

  4. Claudi says:

    Google gives people who are interested in art the possibility to view works of art via internet at home.
    Long journeys, to the museums of the world, are not longer necessary.
    But I think, it is really difficult or impossible to express the atmosphere and the environment of the museum, which are the crucial factors for visiting a museum.
    So I think, the internet will not replace the real museum visit. But google arts can give interested people an overview of what a museum offer and maybe some people remembered to go to a museum.
    Additional there is a possibility for museums to get close to a public that may never be reached under normal circumstances.

  5. Havva says:

    Do we really need virtuel museum?

    I think a virtual museum could never be a substitute to a visit to a real museum. Art should be explore and feel in real life – and a flat screen could never reflect the atmosphere of a real museum.

    But my opinion is, that the virtual museum can offer the visitors good information in advance. Visitors have a concise overview about the museum and they can decide if they want to visit it or not.

  6. verena says:

    If you really want to appreciate and experience art a Virtual museum won’t do. On the other hand the pictures taken by Google are in such an unbelievable quality that you can discover details you wouldn’t be able to see without this innovation. Besides it appears that things which have no equivalent in the virtual world seem inexistent in the real world as well. Therefor it’s a logical consequence that also museums who deal with history have to adjust to our modern world and use the advantages given.

  7. Giuseppe says:

    I think it is interesting for people who are not able to visit the famous museums all over the world. So they can get an impression of all the work of art. And it can help to improve your general knowlegde. But in my opinion the virtual museum cannot create the same feeling or magic like a personal visit to a museum.

  8. Mathilde says:

    I’ve tried out the virtual museum from the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. In my opinin it was a bit strange to “walk” through the museum. It didn’t worked that well I expected it would work – It’s a bit complicated to navigate the “person” and the pictures arn’t that impressive online. I think there is a huge potential to improve this service, although it’s a very good idea.

    The problem could be, that I’ve seen this museum “live” and this could be the reason why I was a bit disappointed.

  9. Nadja Separovic says:

    I’m ambivalent at this online innovation. On the one hand it’s good publicity for the museums and may encourage new guests to visit these museums in real time, too. However, it can make a large negative contribution, because people in twenty years could have no more real interest in real works of art and the tradition or culture of humanity. According to the motto: What is an art gallery? In the past you had to go there and also pay entrance fee, wow!!

  10. Rosa Solà Roca says:

    I think it is a great idea, not only because you can visit museums from all over the world, but also because it can motivate people to go to the galleries and museums again.
    I hope this initiative continues expanding to other museums and that it can also be implemented in smaller museums or art collections.
    I have just entered in the web page and clicked on The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, and I have found really nice the way in which you can “walk” through the rooms (although the quality is not really good) and how you can see paintings and sculptures. Moreover, with your Google account, you can create your own Artwork Collection saving and collecting views of your favorite artworks; you can also add comments and share your collections with everyone.
    Thanks again Mr. Google!

  11. Juan José Cerdán Garcia says:

    Is a diferent way to visit a museum.. first you can see the museum on google and if the museum caught your attention you can go visit.
    The artwork can be viewed more calmly and more clearly that if you visit the museum.

  12. Amazing how details some things are. I really doubt that the big mass’ll use this form of Museum-visiting. If you’re an art lover (unlike myself) you’ll probably would like to see the art irl (in real life) instead of just pictures of it (whereas photography is an art-form on it’s own)

    It’s a different way to look at things, but I’m not spending my spare time visiting ‘online musea’ .. that would go a bit too far for me.

    If there are people who like this idea, good for them, but certainly nothing for me..

  13. I think this is a great idea because it will motivate a lot of people to not only watch the art on your computer, but to also go to the museum itself.
    By looking at all the artworks people will get interested in things they might have never seen before and get the urge to explore more and go to the actual museum.

    It also comes in handy when you want to check out a museum that is located on the other side of the world.

  14. Judith Bote says:

    When I read virtual museum, I thought “That’s great!”. In just one click you can visit museums all over the world, you don’t have to spend money and you save time. At the moment we only see advantages but I think that everybody would agree that see a painting or a sculpture through a screen it’s not the same than see it in real time. It’s like if we were losing or missing something. When I studied the Gioconda in the high school I thought that it would be big and it would impress me but when I went to Louvre Museum, I realized that it’s not how I had expected. I think that virtual museums can give us more or less that impression. Apart from that, I think that child must have the habit of visiting museums. Internet and lot of applications are very useful but traditional thinks like going to a museum can’t be lost. However, I must admit that this kind of displays are very useful when you have to study or even if you are interested in art. You only have to use it properly.

  15. It’s a really great tool for class or teaching about art. But I am sure that a real lover of a certain painting or art as a whole is not convinced by this. They have to see the painting in real life. Even if they could see it printed on a canvas in original size they wouldn’t be satisfied. Nothing is like the real thing !

    But again for study it is a really great tool.

  16. Lara Jansen says:

    I have never thought about the need of virtual museums, I even could not imagine that this would be possible eventually. However, I like the idea! From curiosity I took a peek at the list of museums 2.0 offered by Google Art. It is simply a new way to visit museums all over the world in splendid quality. Moreover, it is cheap, you have got a 360 degree view and the zoom levels are incredibly good!

    Currently you can have a look at masterpieces and other paintings of 17 different virtual museums. I hope that Google is going to add more museums in the future, also from the field of natural history, history, science or fashion. By this means people do not have to travel to visit museums, but they will gain insight into the culture of other countries from home. And who knows, maybe they get motivated to visit a certain museum in reality, if they liked it online. But I have to say, without running it down, that virtual museums are not the same as museums in real life. I think many art enthusiasts would not be convinced of this kind of museums. Nevertheless, for people like you and me, it is a great opportunity to get a view of the world’s most popular museums digitally. And I think that is just the beginning…

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