iPad – monopoly [updated]

Tablet PC’s have never been more popular, but there is a limit choice of tablet PC’s.

In Q4 the tablet market  grew with 45,1%, which equals 4,8 million tablet PC’s (according to IDC). But what is most stunning is that this growth is almost entirely thanks to the increasing iPad-sales (87,4% or 4,4 million iPad’s were sold). But the major boom is to be expected in 2011, and when most competitors still have to launch their tablet (CES 2011 – look at my post on this), Appel already has the iPad 2 ready….But expectations are that the iPad will keep more than 75% of the tablet market.

The iPad’s success and his accessories are responsible for the record turnover of Apple in 2010. Apple’s temporary CEO Tim Cook says that 4 out of 5 companies use or thinking about using a tablet PC use the iPad or consider the iPad. This is unseen….since companies or most of the time a but shy when it comes to picking up new IT-trends. Apparently, according to the Apple CEO, it’s the operating system iOS that’s superior to the Android systems.

If you have any experiences on this, please share them through the comment section!

I use an iPad myself, so don’t have any experiences with the Android system….but I’m looking forward to the new iOS which will be launched in 2011!

But nevertheless, Apple shure has a monopoly …. and with a monopoly come great challenges. Will they abuse their market superiority?
The first signals aren’t very reassuring.  Apple demanded that Belgian and Dutch newspapers sold their subscription apps through the iTunes store instead of directly from the publisher….(off course this give Apple all the subscription details and the publishers only get a share of the sales).  Now the Belgian Government is looking into this, since this can be an abuse of market share. To be continued…

(Graph Source: http://www.dramexchange.com/WeeklyResearch/Post/2/2548.html)

[Update: February, 1 2011: Again Apple is testing the market….according to the New York times Apple has demanded Sony to sell everything regarding the iBooks through the Apple iTunes store. And Belgian minister for Media Ingrid Lieten asked the European Commission to look into this! “The Apple attitude might put a stop the development and innovation on the app supply market” according to minister Lieten. She also send a letter to Apple to give more explanation. Again to be contintued….]

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