E-Commerce finally hip!

Online sales are growing, while mobile sales are the future!

Every month 90 new e-businesses open up shop (in Belgium). Slowly we’re getting there….While the cultural and travel business already explored the Flat World as their new retail channel, it’s time for every business to open up shop in the Flat World. In a small country like Belgium it can be the next big market….or a way to deal with traffic jams, severe weather, ….or other ways that might obstruct your normal shop business. 
Their have been some cases (look at my Webvan case under the education section – temporarily unavailable) where it didn’t work out for the ordinary retail to switch to the flat world. Nowadays it’s a different story….online retail is trustworthy, and makes life easy…espacially when time is getting scarce and the world is at your fingertips.

In the last 2 years online shopping has grown over 50% in Belgium and statistics show that this isn’t a Belgium only trend, and the future still looks bright!

But then again, you have to look for new opportunities….mobile is the next big thing if you’re looking for sales.   Only 1% of today’s online shoppers say that mobile is their primary buying channel….but look how fast it’s growing! Be shure you don’t miss this train, but be aware of the dangers (secure lines, paid check out, ….)

A Morgan Stanley survey shows that Mobile will overtake Desktop in the near future!

(Graph Source: www.internetretailer.com)

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