Social Media in Class

 The squeaky sound of chalk on a blackboard….

The first words of Matthieu van den Bogaert’s in a piece on social media in classrooms and educational environment!
It sounded like beautiful memories from back in the 80ies….maybe 90ies….and then the PC made its enterance in my secundary school. We had 1 class room filled with PC’s and learned how we could programm a small car to drive around blocks….ICT in the classroom, it brings back memories. 

 But now early 2011 times have changed, if look into the classrooms nowadays I see laptops, beamers, wireless internet, ….high tech ICT enviromnemt is available in school and in classroom. For sure, higher education has embraced it, but also secundary and primary education use the Internet and laptops (of PC’s) to teach youngsters!

Social media virgins

A study by the Hogeschool West Vlaanderen (a College in Belgium) says our teachers are living in a paradoxal life; they can’t live without their iPhone or iPad, use Facebook, Twitter and other social media, but when they step into a classroom they swith it of and log out.  For most of them chalk will be replaced with a powerpoint, but the idea remains the same.  The teacher teaches!
Only 58% of schools surveyed had a digital board which only 24% actually uses. Youtube has found its way into 53% the classrooms is 53%. Other social media are asked to wait outside the school gate.  Did you read my post on the use of Social Media by young people? Maybe it’s time we start educating our students in the use of social media, instead of leaving social media outside by the gate!

Let’s start with privacy first

Should teachers stop using the chalk crayons and switch to the i-gadgets?  NO, they should incorporate and integrate the i-gadgets with the crayons to create a dynamic teaching envorinment.  There are a lot of  teachers out their who want to use those media, but get stuck with outdated ICT-infrastructure which lasts a lifetime just to get started. On the other hand I see teachers holding on to the chalk in realy cool topics…. I believe a teacher should search for the best why to teach (but in 2011 it isn’t the teacher who teaches alone, he teaches with his students). 
We should at least start with training our youth in dealing with privacy and new ways of digital abuse in this new digital environment, especially in primary and secundary schools.  But we can also use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, … and other social media in our class room to start working with the students and teaching them how to use them by using them!

[This was a free transcript of a post by Matthieu van den Bogaert in which I added my personal experience and opinion.]

In addition to this post, I would like to add that Facebook again has made it easier for apps to collect personnal data (i.e. telephone numbers, adresses, ….).Check out mu post on privay in the flat world for more insights! It’s time to act, because a lot of us (you and me included) just say yes, and give our personnal information for free.  If you had any experiences on this topic please post them through the comment section!

[update on january 18, 2011]
Facebook disabled the function of giving your cell phone adresses to the apps. Massive protest made this happen….again people seem to have the power (for now)

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4 comments on “Social Media in Class
  1. Jasmin says:

    I think it is good that the classrooms and the methods of teachers adapts to this age. If the technology gives us new tools, such as social media applications, I think it is the right way to exploit them for teaching.

  2. Havva says:

    The young generation growth up with the new technologies. Even my six years old son knows how to use this new technologies. For example: he is familiar with all applications on my IPhone and he is also able to download games (even he can’t read) without help.

    Therefore I also think that the classrooms and the methods of teachers should be adapted to our era. Laptops, Beamers, Wireless in classrooms sounds good. But I’m not sure if this is necessary in the very first beginning. Because I think in that time the focus should be appear in person.

    Additional techological tools could be used in further education.

  3. verena says:

    Being taught how to use social media is really important. On the other hand I’m not quite sure if social media is a means to teach students. If you are in the same room there is no need in communicate via mail/facebook/chat whatsoever. In the contrary – using traditional way of teaching by writing down word after word on the board gives students the opportunity to think about what is said and develop ideas in a moderate speed. What is more smartphones and the internet leads to a „Present Absence“ – people seem to lose track with the presence and with themselves.

  4. I think that indeed the teacher him/her self should decide how to teach he/her knows what way of teaching is the most effective. and if you don’t know it try it, prepare a powerpoint once in a while and see how the students react to it.

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