CES vs Business

A day in computer and entertainment life….CES in Las vegas, the annual mass for freaks and geeks….but what can we learn businesswize from CES 2010.  It’s only open for a day but the trends are already visible!

CES is known as the place for new developments in television, computer, telecommunication, phone and refrigerators! But in 2011 every development is shifting into a higher gear! The 2010 introduced iPad is the accelerator for this new evolution. With a great wave of new tablet PC’s, a new era is announced. The world at your fingertips whenever and where-ever you are; I saw it with my own eyes at SAPphire Now (Frankfurt, mai 2010), where all businessmen where even at this congress in control of there business, communicating through there iPad, LapTops and smartphones!

With the AppStore (now available for mac, iPhone, iPad, google, …) a second new wave is visible. Up in the cloud, local on your system through a small app….little money for your personalized tablet, phone, …. through the apps you can individualize your own system and keep your resources in the cloud….who needs a hard disk anyway.  It’s safer to keep it in the cloud via a dropbox, iDisk, … The next step will be the apps for television. Once our flatscreen is fully connected to the net, there nothing left to loose! Your televisionset will be the communication tool with the world….controlled with the tablet or smartphone, although this is the challange. All these items are working side by side, instead of with each other!

Business will be easy….you need a screen, a internetconnection and you’re up and running! I read a story recently of a small business which was run through an RV while being on a world trip! Thanks to the flat world this is possible, and in 2011 we will see more of this new businesses ran through the flat world, the cloud and a ‘screen’.

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