App(le)s vs privacy

Apps…the hype of the moment, but probably the newest gap in the privacy of the consumer!

It has always been a difficult balance between the web and privacy…and it’s getting more and more difficult in the new commercial web era to maintain your privacy as a consumer.  Have you been downloading and installing the newest apps on your smartphone of iPad, maybe even on your desktop or laptop? I have….but everytime I downloaded the app I got registered through my unique UDID….and off course my data are used by the developers, and today the newspaper writes about Apple being indicted for selling these data to commercial companies. I doesn’t surprise me, because Apple isn’t the first one….facebook did it already, google did it…

The question remains….did I agree to the fact that my private data were being sold by those companies….I didn’t read the entire  privacy charter of 40 pages of neither of these companies, who does anyway….but I did knew that Facebook sold the information  (it’s their business model), I suspected from Google (although they claim not to), but never guessed it from Apple…although it shouldn’t surprise me.

I don’t blame them…I blame the government, who still keeps neglecting the fact that we need a new and accustomed flat world law. We cannot think in a classical law system were country borders rule….we need a new one!

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