Google Apps Store for PC’s

Encouraged by the success of their app stores for mobile devices like Apple and Google both are a similar time to shop for “regular” computer. With the launch of Google Chrome Web Store stuck his rival this week slightly the better of. On the Mac, the App Store is to wait until – probably – the first half of January.

The Chrome Web Store is accessible in two ways: through the Chrome browser (which you can download free) and through the same operating system in the course of next year will be found on some notebooks – at least – Acer and Samsung.
Compared with the Mac App Store, there are two essential differences. To start running the applications from all the Chrome Web Store ‘in’ the browser (or within the Chrome OS) instead of them physically on your computer to install them in the ‘cloud’ or stored on the Web. This has the advantage that your collection of apps available immediately on all your other computers, simply log in with your Google account, and voila. This approach does mean that you necessarily have to be online with your apps to get started. Some programs can therefore be used offline, from your computer’s cache. The most famous example is the Google Docs office suite.

Another difference is that Google’s applications are not limited to one platform. The Chrome browser (and the Chrome Web Store) is indeed available for Windows, Linux and Mac …. In other words, Apple gets a competitor that operates on the same platform. Which is obviously good news for Mac users, who can now shop hopping.

The layout of the Chrome Web Store is almost an unabashed copy of Apple’s mobile App Store, with familiar elements such as Featured, Popular, Staff Picks and Top Paid (some apps are indeed paying). The range of shops – as diversity is concerned, anyway – very similar and ranges from useful utilities on social networking apps to games. I haven’t counted the number of applications but it would now have more than five hundred. Whether that is much or little we know in January when the new software from Apple store opens its doors.

I’m quite fond of the PowerPoint alternative SlideRocket, the Social Media Dashboard HootSuite and we can play like a game Poppit. But I’m also very curious about your favorite apps from the Chrome Web Store. So share us your favorite apps through the comment section!

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3 comments on “Google Apps Store for PC’s
  1. LisaB says:

    I too am fond of SlideRocket. I am no designer and I can make great looking presentations!
    Producteev is great for task lists
    Box makes storing and sharing things like music, gift ideas, pictures

  2. Nat says: is probably the best new app available in the chrome web store. I used Producteev every day and have Aviary, and Grooveshark in there too. All great app, now in one place! Awesome.

  3. FlowerGuy says:

    Hey, great post. Great blog. It is clean and to the point. I have bookmarked it for future reading. You know it is rare to find quality content on these things…

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