Twitter Top10 of 2010

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the event which last year was the most twittered. But the World Cup and the iPad kept the tweeters working. According to a survey that Twitter has posted on its website.
The oil disaster and the earthquake in Haiti (4) were the last years the main news items on Twitter. The World Cup in South Africa is good for second place, and its vuvuzela really kicked it up to the fifth most discussed topic. The football results forecasting squid Paul, the unofficial mascot of the World Cup, just gets the top ten.

In the top ten we find two more films – Inception (3) and Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (9) – and two technological advances – the iPad (6) and Android (7). The most bespreoken person after all, American teen idol Justin Bieber (8).

Twitter also made separate lists of the most popular subjects in various categories.

In the past years a lot of celebrities were again active in the social messaging network, according to another survey. Among them, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, Russell Crowe, Cher, Victoria Beckham, Tiger Woods and “our” European president Herman Van Rompuy.

A year in Twitter can be viewed on this link.

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One comment on “Twitter Top10 of 2010
  1. Reinhard says:

    Making lists and rankings is quite popular nowadays and therefore it is no surprise that Twitter also categorizes and prepares lists of the most discussed topics. That seems to be our sense of evaluating a modern communication system.

    But beside all this funny stuff it is much more amazing how people can communicate when the powers in totalitarianism want them to stop sending messages to each other. The recent political earthquakes in Tunisia and Egypt (the next will be in Yemen) prove that modern communication does not know any boarders and cannot be forbidden.

    We all live in democratic and free countries and concentrate on rankings because we do not estimate the way of exchanging information any more. At the same time many people are fighting for their rights and do not take care of rankings because organizing a demonstration and getting alerted is much more important to save life.

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