Twussel – a twitter trip through Brussel (Belgium Capital)

A couple of days ago this article caught my attention.

Twitter through Brussels Trip
Posted on October 26, 2010 (De Standaard)

“On wednesday october 27, 2010Saskia Videler brings a visit to Brussels. Nothing special really, were it not guided by Videler tips they get from users of the social networking site Twitter.
Videler will visit the city on Wednesday only visiting sites recommended by its users from Twitter. […]

Throughout the day Videler will tweet about her location and the things she visits. Twitter users can send her some extra tips about restaurants, museums and shops in the area.

Who wants to follow the adventures of Videler, can visit the Twitter account of Saskia Videler. Who wants to send in tips, the # hashtag twussel use.”

Today (November 6, 2010) the Twussel of Brussels was published in De Standaard. Interesting to read how she got a realy personel visit of Brussels, visited sites new to her (and me), found athenticity, … and figured out that the Brussels is a realy warm Twitter community.

It’s a different way of traveling or visiting a place, city or country! A beautiful way on how the network and social media society (web 2.0 – web 3.0) are forming a world 2.0 – 3.0.  I believe this is an example on how the new social interaction takes place in the new 2.0 era.  Although we don’t know each other, we interconnect with one another through different social media.

If you are a ducth native speaker you can read the blog of Sakia at and discover the Twussel visit.

Let this story inspire you to also take on a twitter visit to a place, city or county you want to visit. You can share your experiences through the comment section of this post! Good Luck!

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4 comments on “Twussel – a twitter trip through Brussel (Belgium Capital)
  1. I think it’s a great idea! So can the people who lives in this city, like Brussels in this case, says all the handy information. Information about some special shops / things-to-do when you’re in Brussels. That kind of information that you couldn’t find on the web, that you only could knew if you’ve been there, the experiences of all those people who has been there.

  2. Alfredo Morreel says:

    Awesome idea in fact, because Twitter is one of the ultimate meet-up tools.
    Somebody tweets they’re working in a certain store and you can just go up there and pay them a visit.
    Once this is organized like in the article people will easily meet interesting ‘tweeps’ with the same taste, likes and dislikes,…

  3. Interesting concept, i’m very curious how this will end. If this would be a success it could change our way of visiting place, going on vacation and many more things in a way never seen before!
    Maybe soon we will have travelguides based on tweets, or virtual maps of places with the amount of facebook-likes stamped onto each location.

  4. Judith Bote says:

    It’s a great concept! Twitter lets us share information with people we have never seen before, but who cares if we can help each other? I love travelling and when I read this post I thought why not do the same for my next trip? People who lives in the city I want to visit can give me useful and interesting information. I can buy a guide book or check the city on the internet, but it is not the same because as you have said in the post, people can recommend me restaurants, bars or their favorites places. It seems to me that guide books are more impersonal. Using Twitter I can say exactly what I am looking for. People can give me their opinion and also link its comment with a website, video or photo. That’s amazing!

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