Prezi – another of working in class

I’ve found this in my mailbox today!
For those who are not familiar with Prezi, it’s a different way of presenting things…an alternative to powerpoint, with respect for new ways of showing and structuring items!
Since I’m using it in my classroom, why don’t you use it in your business!
And now the Prezi team is taking it to a new level…interactive groupwork on the Prezi Platform.  My kind of thinking about educcation, and stimulating!

With Prezi Meeting you can encourage live groupwork in the classroom. Students can work together on the same project, then present results to the class online. They are realy into web 2.0 since they stimulate people to share their experience and connect with one another!

As an EDU license owner, we thought you might be interested to see a cool video example. Rob Newberry, Director of Education Technology at CIS Singapore shows how his students use Prezi Meeting.

Interested in taking student group work to the next level? Join our discussion topic on Facebook, where you can share ideas with others already using Prezi Meeting!

Happy Zooming!
The Prezi team

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15 comments on “Prezi – another of working in class
  1. Jasmin says:

    Is Prezi for free, or do I have to buy it?

  2. Mathilde says:

    in class we tried out Prezi. It was really fascinating how easy it works. I have to say that I had already a professor that recommended us Prezi, but he didn’t show it to use so I forgot it and never used it. But as I know how it works I’m sure I’ll use it for my future presentations. It’s much cooler and easier than Microsoft Power Point.

  3. Jasmin says:

    Thank you for answering my question, Prezi is a great tool. Now I am in the last semester of my 5 years study and I never heard about Prezi until last Saturday. That’s really sad, because all the years I had to make my presentations with boring Power Point , but I hope I will be able to use it in the future in my job.

  4. Marc says:

    Yeah, Prezi is really cool. Easy and simple to handle. It is the perfect solution for presentation that won´t need a lot of klicks. I think most suitable for controlling conferences 😉

  5. Anina says:

    What pitty, we haven’t heard something about Prezi before (or maybe some had, but I have never seen someone who using it). That makes much better presenations then the boring Power Point. 🙂

    If I ever have to make a presentation again, ich will DEFINITLY use it. So thanks for showing us this tool! 🙂


  6. Julia says:

    I have tried it out and I have to say that I am really fascinated about this programme. I will definitely use it for my future presentations 🙂

  7. Marcello says:

    I think it`s a good alternitive to the mass of PowerPoint presentations. It reminds me a little bit on the logical structure of MindMap with a new and modern Design.

  8. Josef says:

    It seems to be a really good alternative product to power point. It is incredibly intuitive.

  9. Lara Jansen says:

    Through Prezi you can present your ideas, thoughts, texts, videos, pictures or sound clips in a new manner, positioned on an endless free space just as you like. It offers users much more opportunities in the field of design and creativity. And it puts PowerPoint in the shade. But in my view, if you are not able to work with PowerPoint, you will not be able to work with Prezi either. The most important advantage of Prezi is the fact that you may zoom between the elements back and forth seamlessly – it is simply about creating a presentation on a large canvas instead of slides. That way, the presentation will be more interesting and rich in variety.

    I’m using Prezi myself and I can only recommend this tool. I think it is the beginning of a new way of presenting. And I’m sure that it will be used more and more in education and business in the future.

    Prezi is the future! – Goodbye PowerPoint!

  10. Sonja Hurmeranta says:

    Prezi is a great tool, and a serious challenger for PowerPoint.

    One of the greatest things about Prezi is that it’s always available online. It can be reached as long as there is an internet connection, and in most schools and offices this is every day life by now. You don’t g´have to worry about whether your presentation will work in the computer provided, or if different Windows-updates will mess it up.
    Just log onto Prezi’s page, and you get it for your use straight away. It’s seamless, easy to follow and you can be more creative with it than with Powerpoint. It creates an ensemle, and not only a series of slides as Lara has pointed out. This makes it easier to make, to follow and to control. Atleast I find it very useful, and more pleasant to work on than Powerpoint.

  11. Fabien BRENIER says:

    I tried to do a group presentation in Prezi for the first time this year. It’s much more easier than powerpoint …
    First with powerpoint we always had a problem with different versions and the presentation was different on every laptop. Then it was harder to share the work because we needed to do a slide, send it to the other by mail, then add it to the presentation …
    With Prezi we have worked together at the same time without any problems and we were able to present it in every laptop.

  12. Maria says:

    I like the whole design of prezi! In the beginning, it is a little bit difficult to understand how it works exactly. But when you use it again and again it becomes easier. It is a ‘flashy’ way to present your presentation! So I agree Sonja and Lara, you can be more creative with prezi. For the audience, it looks like your are in a movie, because you will be rotated and reverse.. but that makes it more alive and easier (more nice) to listen.. I think the big advantage is, that you can work in the ‘cloud’, so you don’t have to send the presentation to other group members.. the only thing you have to do is to share it online.. 🙂

  13. Juliane Siebelts says:

    In my opinion, Prezi is so much better and innovative than PowerPoint. I saw this tool for the first time here in Belgium and when I tried it by myself I was impressed. You can do everything with prezi: zoom in, zoom out or insert pictures and videos to your presentation. There is no limit regarding your creativity. You can do a presentation with one slide switching to the next one, or you can work with “special presenting effects” and play with the slides. I also think that presentations become much more interesting for the audience with the help of prezi. I am sure that I will use it in future for my presentations back in Germany and also later in professional life.
    By the way, if you register with your school-mail-address you can upgrade (for educational use) your account to 500 MB and set your prezis private.

  14. Xavi Repi says:

    I am fan of Prezi because I think it offers an innovative and creative way to show my presentations. I started using it this year. As student of the IBC at KdG, I have many teamwork projects which have to be presented orally to the teachers and I wanted to show something different than the traditional presentations.
    At first I used to make the presentations as power points and then I uploaded them to prezi. However, I felt quite limited to modify them and I only was able to change the display. This is the reason why I started creating my prezis on the website. I really enjoy my presentations since I use it. I leave my imagination fly before start it. Then I work on it and I adapt all the content to what I need.
    I am discovering more about this amazing tool progressively. Lastly I have started using prezi meeting. It allows you to work quicker because all the members of the teamwork can edit together. Moreover, you can reach better results because the more people thinking, the most creative the prezi can be.
    This two links are the presentations I did for Digital Culture:
    I am not an expert, but I have learned a bit because I have made some of them. So, if you have any doubt do not hesitate to ask me. I think it can be a useful tool for my colleagues as it is for me. You have the change to start creating awesome presentations for free!

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