Flat world Business is in business….is there a better way to put it!

I invite you all to be part of it, learn together with me, and contribute to this blog/platform. Together we can [and no I’m not the president of the United States] make this a succes. It’s all about learning from each other, discussing with one another, and sharing information….what will become knowledge in the end.

Before I continue I need to appologize for my English writing skills, as I’m a native dutch speaker, but I want to communicate in English to reach out to as many people as possible, and off course to all my international students.  And then the big word is out – my students – …this platform is a part of my elective course at FHV Dornbirn where I’ll teach students to think about this new why of organising business, life, …. and eventually inspire one or more of them to work with these ideas in there professional lives.

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